"Glitoris triptych, panel 2"
Julian Baker
August 2011
From the triptychs series

For some reason Tumblr removed this image, so here it is again. (via Jonathan de Villiers - Sacrebleu!) itsanubisblack:

Kristina - Los Angeles - 2013

Tundae Mena glamourtramp:

from a body of work inspired by kenneth anger’s lucifer rising
photograph x olivia locher


Homunculus (by kozyndan)
20140714SJ-22160036 (by Simon Jourdan) Francesco (by AndyLisert) One Chair (by ESTERGOM) leeloo levay (by graciehagen) (via Untitled | Flickr - Photo Sharing!) b functional (by myheadisexploding) Buy Original Polaroid (by kargaltsev) eating a banana in the tub (by lauren_crow) 20140524SimonJourdan_2454 (by Simon Jourdan) erica & vinny (by vk photography)