I am Julian Baker, I take photographs of naked people.
Busy people can follow my work on Tumblr

Here are interesting nudes (other peoples). Definitely not safe for work. Unless you work somewhere fabulous.

Sometimes I look at pictures that aren’t of people with no clothes on.

Portrait of the artist as a naked man by Pau Ros, accompanied by the wonderful Sophia Disgrace

“I am an artist who takes photographs of naked people. I am interested in what isn’t shown in art nudes. Making the voyeur aware there is no model but a person; who has chosen to present themselves bare. This means everyone, not just the young, the flawless, the feminine.

In a world where even the beautiful are retouched, my work aims to make them as uncomfortable and curious as real nudity in the flesh would.”

If you would like to model (for use of a better word) please email: meet at julianbaker dot com